Knot Physics

We reproduce the dynamics of quantum mechanics with a four-dimensional spacetime manifold that is branched and embedded in a six-dimensional Minkowski space. Elementary fermions are represented by knots in the manifold, and these knots have the properties of the familiar particles. We derive a continuous model that approximates the behavior of the manifold's discrete branches. The model produces dynamics on the manifold that corresponds to the gravitational, strong, and electroweak interactions.

Presentation: Physics on a Branched Knotted Spacetime Manifold


Physics on a Branched Knotted Spacetime Manifold
(First version 2004.)

Knot physics: Neutrino helicity
(Neutrino helicity separated as new paper. 11/3/2011)

Knot physics: Deriving the fine structure constant
(First version. 4/14/2013)

Mathematica notebooks:

(First version. 4/14/2013)

fine_structure_function verification
(First version. 4/2/2014)

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